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  “Less demand, lower prices, modestly, in the housing market are much better for Canadians than a boom followed by a bust”
Jim Flaherty

TORONTO, December 5, 2012 GTA Realtors reported a decrease by 16.1% in November 2012 sales transactions compared to November 2011, the selling price is also up 1.6%.

In November 2012 GTA Realtors reported 5,793 sales compare to 6,908 in November 2011. New listings in November 2012 are up by 1.3% and active listings up by 17.8% compared to November 2011.
These numbers are for the GTA and can be different for your specific area and type of property. For example sales of townhouses in the 905 area dropped only by 6.4% and prices of semi-detached homes in the 905 area are up by 5.8%. However, it shows who can gain and lose in the current market.
Depending on your situation: whether you're upsizing, downsizing, buying your first property or investing, the recommendations can be different. Call your trusted realtor and discuss your options - you can be the biggest winner now
  Break-Ins in Luxury Homes
December 5, 2012 -- Toronto Police Services 33 Division, which serves the area bounded by Eglinton and Steeles, and Bayview and Victoria Park Avenue, has forwarded a request that REALTORS® be on the alert for individuals who may attend open houses in order to plan future robberies.
Recently, break and enter incidents have occurred at staged, vacant luxury homes advertised for sale. Suspects appear to canvas homes prior to breaking in, possibly during open houses or visits with REALTORS.
The culprits have known exactly where to enter and how to disarm hidden alarm systems. Furthermore, suspects appear to park a trailer in the homes’ garages. They have proceeded to take numerous high-end appliances, decorations and video security systems. They have also meticulously removed items that were screwed and installed in custom cabinets.
What you can do?
1) Request your listing agent be present at all showings;
2)Speak to your agent and, if possible, avoid open houses or limit to "agent-only" open houses;
3)To report information, please call Detective Constable Dhukai at (416) 808-3306.

Stop Mississauga Land Transfer Tax

Mississauga has a competitive advantage without a Mississauga Land Transfer Tax. A recent poll conducted by Ipsos Reid found that 75 per cent of GTA residents are less likely to move to Toronto because of the Toronto Land Transfer Tax.

  • Mississauga City Council considered a proposal to start the process to implement a municipal land transfer tax in Mississauga.
  • Mississauga Council decided to postpone approval and reconsider it in the near future.
  • We need to speak out against this Tax before Mississauga Council reconsiders it.
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