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  Market News:
TORONTO, November 3, 2012 GTA Realtors reported a decrease of 7.1% in October 2012 sales transactions compared to October 2011, the selling price is also up 6.2%(well above the rate of inflation).
Same time active listings have remained low and substantial competition between buyers still exists.  
  Is an open house a waste of time?
The survey results show that  only 1-2% listings sell from open houses.
Other surveys  hint at the notion that public open houses may be more beneficial to the agents themselves than to the home sellers. It is definitely for the seller to decide  whether they want to spend their weekends enjoying their own backyard, or turning their home over to real estate agents.
However, if  home sales are expected to drop  then sellers in many markets would drop their prices. This may prompt more agents to turn to open houses as a last-ditch effort, "In a buyer's market, if you are a seller you want to try everything."

Simple way to save on water bill:

Replace an old 18-litre-per-flush toilet with an ultra-low volume (ULV) 6 liter flush model represents a 70% savings in water flushed and will cut indoor water use by about 30%.
Or you can use old "toilet tank trick" - fill a bottle with water, and place it in the toilet tank. It'll displace water, and cause the tank to fill with less water.  
  I recommend...
This topic can be very beneficial: For years I've been collecting recommendations from my clients about service providers that they have used. Please feel free to email me your positive or negative experience, I'll be sure to share it with my clients.
Every person wants to live in a home rather than just a house. A home is a place where a person can get all types of comfort ability that he wants according to his own requirements. Installing proper attic insulation is one of the basic modes of achieving comfort ability in a home. The right insulation system can save you money, reduce the amount of energy you use and make your home much more comfortable.
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Rohan Insulation - Phone: (416) 823-5550. He did a great job for at least three of my clients and provided affordable and high quality service.