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  TORONTO, January 18 , 2016 TREB has released a Market Year in Review & Outlook Report with never before seen housing data.
Regardless of which sales scenario plays out, very tight market conditions will persist for the lowrise segments of the market. The condominium apartment market will remain balanced as condo buyers benefit from relatively more choice in the marketplace. While the relationship between demand (sales) and supply (listings) will remain similar in 2016 compared to 2015, it is likely that annual rates of price growth will moderate somewhat.

A copy of the report is available in pdf or as an interactive preview.

  Top 10 neighbourhoods in Ontario

Neighbourhoods Median price(H) Monthly growth(H)
Beaumaris $3,324,500 177.27 %
Minett $2,220,000 71.42 %
Ridgeville $1,674,000 0.00 %
Townsend $1,599,900 244.80 %
Sioux Narrows $1,374,500 72.02 %
King $1,374,400 1.88 %
Moffat $1,299,000
Arva $1,250,000 100.00 %
Dummer $1,159,950 122.02 %
Caistor Centre $1,149,500
  House price correction is happening now

The real estate correction is already happening – just not where most expected
Fears of a housing correction in GTA market are unlikely to be realized according to mortgage lender’s experts.
Larger number of people will move to the Ontario from Alberta and Saskatchewan looking for work and opportunities. Economic growth in Ontario with better job prospects, together with continued low mortgage rates, will make a move more attractive. The oil price rout and its knock-on effects will exacerbate price declines in the oil regions.
  China's Money Exodus

The ranks of China’s wealthy continue to surge. As their economy shows signs of weakness at home, they’re sending money overseas at unprecedented levels to seek safer investments.

This flood of cash is being felt around the world, driving up real estate prices in Sydney, New York, Hong Kong and Vancouver. The Chinese spent almost $30 billion on U.S. homes in the year ending last March, making them the biggest foreign buyers of real estate. Their average purchase price: about $832,000. Same trend in Sydney, where Chinese investors snap up a quarter of new homes and are forecast to double their spending by the end of the decade. In Vancouver, the Chinese have helped real estate prices double in the past 10 years.
So how do these volumes of cash get out when Chinese are limited by rules that allow them to convert only $50,000 per person a year?





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